The Effectiveness of a Computer-Based Module to Augment the Education of School Staff in the Management of Students with Life-Threatening Food Allergies

Food allergies are on the rise. Educating non-medical personnel in knowledge, prevention, recognition, and treatment of anaphylaxis is important. The study conducted in order demonstrate the effectiveness of a computer-based learning module used as a teaching tool to increase the knowledge and confidence of school staff in the recognition and management of life-threatening food allergies (LTFA). The Massachusetts School Nurse Research Network implemented a thirty minute self-directed, computer-based learning module among 85 non-medical school staff from 6 elementary schools. Mean test scores were compared pre/post training. Results indicated an online module may supplement school nurses’ limited time to train staff and enhance school preparedness in addressing students with LTFA. Increased awareness about bullying of food allergic children may also arise from this training.

Investigators: White, L., Aubin, J., Bradford, C., Alix, C., Hughes, L., Phipatanakul, W.

Study Date(s): Oct 2013

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